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We know that conducting research for a client presentation requires hours of time spent trawling through file drives and dispersed documents to find and reuse in-house content.

We also know that your team regularly face the time-consuming and mind-numbing task of copy-pasting and transposing data and content from old presentations or syndicated market reports into client presentations.

We believe that consultants’ time is better spent doing analysis and providing the expert insight that clients pay for.

Time spent searching for documents, clicking to open, eyeballing and trying to find that elusive slide or piece of supporting data isn’t chargeable.

Find out how to increase your billable time without working longer hours.

As the saying goes – work smarter not harder!

Content Catalyst is a powerful internal knowledge centre for consultants to manage and find research content and client deliverables.

Insight discovery for consultants

Content Catalyst’s software streamlines the consultant’s research process by providing a secure library of research content and client deliverables.

Advanced file-tagging capabilities means that documents can be ‘filed’ in multiple categories such as client project and market sector.

The patented software works with your files created in Word™, PowerPoint™ and Excel™ and of course PDFs.

Search for consultants

The intelligent search engine has deep content interrogation powers and provides thumbnail result summaries so you can easily identify text, figures, graphics and tables in documents.

You can find content in seconds, not minutes, and avoid resorting to asking busy colleagues to find a file.

Workflow for consultants

Using clever workflow tools, consultants can grab the exact information they need, without having to download the entire file or report.

You can export selections into a branded presentation-ready format, significantly minimising the time spent copying, pasting, transposing and reformulating content from document-to-document.


Edwin Bailey
Director of Marketing
Content Catalyst

“A strong business case can be made for adopting Content Catalyst as a knowledge centre for your consulting practice. The efficiency gains will quickly outweigh the investment.”

Ensure client confidentiality

With commercially sensitive consultancy projects it is vitally important that access to client work is carefully managed.

The Content Catalyst system allows a manager to have flexible control over access rights, at both folder and document level, and even specify time limited access.

Furthermore, there is the option to share files securely with external parties such as clients or subcontractors.

The Content Catalyst Engine

Content Catalyst’s technology engine is a CMS, search and workflow platform specifically designed for consultants and analysts to manage their research documents and client presentations.

The triple-patented system is interoperable across data and document formats and slickly marries both qualitative and quantitative content.

Collaboration tools make information sharing between colleagues a breeze.

The ‘secret sauce’ workflow tools help consultants and analysts find content, insight & data and output findings for presentations.


Content Catalyst: A trusted partner

Leading market analysis firms such as Wood Mackenzie and 451 Research trust Content Catalyst to manage their research content and deliverables.

Collectively our technology handles hundreds of thousands of documents and manages content for over 180,000 end-users.

Knowledge centres for teams that deliver

By committing your Word documents, Excel files, PowerPoint presentations and PDF reports to the Content Catalyst platform you will create a secure, centralised library for each client account.

This will allow your consulting team to organise and find project documents and data.

Find out how Content Catalyst works for a consulting practice

Read a real-life case study on how a technical markets consultancy uses Content Catalyst as a powerful internal knowledge base for analysts and client-facing consultants.