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Active Insight Management (AIM)

What does Content Catalyst do?

Content Catalyst delivers white-labelled subscriber portals for research analyst firms. Portals that take away the stress of in-house development, maintenance, and inefficient workflows, enabling your organisation to focus on what it does best: creating high-quality, informative market analysis content.

But the service amounts to so much more than that. As a consultative partner, we collaborate with you to energise your insights, extract maximum value from your subscriber relationships, and ultimately ensure you quickly achieve ROI. Content Catalyst is much more than just a SaaS product: it is an active partnership and a new approach to insight management. An active partnership with Content Catalyst is a new approach to making the most of your insights. Rather than just providing you with the software, we work with you to manage your insights and knowledge and provide the best experience for your subscribers.

What is Active Insight Management?

Active Insight Management (AIM) is all about driving stronger, more proactive subscriber relationships and revenue streams from your reports, content, and data.

By enlisting the help of Content Catalyst, you can fire up your insight to power business growth – your clients’ and your own. Showcase your content on our platform and enable clients to go directly to what they need, right when they need it.

Our interactive platform brings your insight to life, reinforcing its value and building your business. We call it Active Insight Management.

Why Active Insight Management?

We’re consultants and technologists who put proactivity at the heart of insight management. We create a first-class subscriber experience, upsell and cross-sell reports, and use data to prove the value of content to clients.

Maximise the impact of your analysis with the Active Insight Management approach.



What is involved in the Content Catalyst launch process?

The Content Catalyst client success team proactively guide you throughout the launch process with structured weekly catch-ups to advise on best practice at every stage of the launch. You will also have access to our experienced technical team and comprehensive Platform Guide Guide & Help ( for guidance.

From a technical perspective, we will take care of the creation of the production portal, domain configuration, and branding. Following configuration, comes collaboration. We work with your team to decide on the best methods of migrating customer information and content into the system.

We act as a consultative partner throughout the launch process, while taking the practical lead with any integration work or required custom development.

How long does a launch typically take? 

Launches tend to take between 6 and 8 weeks – one of our partners even went from launch kick-off meeting to fully functioning subscriber portal in just 4 weeks! Much depends on the project’s complexity (i.e. integrations, custom development), volumes of content and users, and how much resource is at your disposal to concentrate on platform setup.

How do we get our content/user information into the system?

One of the biggest tasks associated with launching a subscriber portal is bringing all customer information and content into the new system. We make this transfer simple. Import user information including licenses, personal information, and subscription plans in bulk using data from your existing CRM or equivalent system into a CSV/XLS file. Similarly, content metadata can be imported from a CSV/XLS file or pulled through using APIs.

No manual migration of content and customer information is required!

What level of support will we receive from the Content Catalyst team post-launch?

Your support does not end with launch. We will continuously provide support and monitor your success with our system, with regular check ins and consultations. We schedule regular catch-ups with all our partners, actively consult your team on how to gain maximum value and ROI from the system, and operate a fully staffed Help Desk whenever any questions or issues arise. We also offer enhanced service and support packages which aim to deliver even greater peace of mind that your Content Catalyst portal is delivering value for your business.


Tech, hosting, security, and architecture 

Where is Content Catalyst hosted? 

The Content Catalyst infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) – one of the most secure, well-established cloud hosting providers in the world.

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How secure is the Content Catalyst platform?

Highly secure. We have a mature, robust code base, regularly penetration test our infrastructure for weaknesses, and frequently update the software so your portal is protected against the latest security threats. The platform also has a range of settings that allow you to control access to content and restrict to what extent users can interact with certain datasets and reports to ensure your intellectual property is protected.



Can I integrate with my existing CRM?

Yes – CRMs are business-critical to our partners. We integrate with Salesforce, Hubspot, and MS Dynamics. Projects typically consist of syncing customer data, licenses, and purchase history information. More advanced integrations are also possible, such as syncing usage analytic data between the platforms.  

Due to our flexible REST APIs, we can integrate with other CRM providers too, so don’t be concerned if you use an alternative CRM – we will be able to build an integration with the Content Catalyst platform.

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What other third-party tools can be integrated?

We have out-the-box solutions with Power BI, Vimeo, Market Sight, Okta, Azure AD, and Salesforce and have built integrations with HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, Tableau, Kentico, Northern Light, Marketo, and many more. 

Do you have APIs? 

Yes, we have an extensive suite of REST APIs that allow you to manage, update and retrieve most data, including:  

User and account records  
Content (reports/products)  

We also have an event feed, powered by RabbitMQ, that allows you to monitor and pull information from Content Catalyst in near real-time. You can have visibility as soon as a user performs a given action, or when a user record has been updated.  



Branding & Customisation 

How much control do I have over the site’s overall look & feel? 

The Content Catalyst platform will feel well and truly your own. We place your brand front and centre, while our innovative technology operates in the background, maximising the value of your insights. Branding, colour schemes, content design, marketing collateral, and taxonomy are all controlled by you, allowing you to create a subscriber portal that carries your unique brand identity. 




What content formats does Content Catalyst support?

Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, Power BI, and Vimeo are all hosted on the platform as standard. Integrations with 3rd party content formats/providers can be developed if required. 

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How much control do I have over the look & feel of my content? 

You have total control over the look and feel of your content. Word documents uploaded to the system require certain styling guidelines to ensure content is fully interactive and actionable for your subscribers, but all other formats can be designed and styled so your brand shines throughout your content portfolio. 

How easy is it to upload content? What is a typical workflow for importing reports and data? 

The upload process is very simple – simply drag and drop source files into the system UI and your documents will be instantly interactive and actionable. Note that Word files do require certain styling in the production phase but once you have created a desired template, the upload process is simple. Reports can also be bulk imported using our proprietary import tool. 

How do we organise our published insight? 

The organisation of your content is completely down to you. Taxonomies can be multi-tiered and categories as broad as needed to ensure your content is organised coherently and intuitively. For more guidance, read this article on content categorisation


License Fees


Content Catalyst operates on a subscription basis. Clients pay a monthly fee for the platform. The fee is based on the main indicators of value – a combination of number of users/accounts, content volumes and what level of support you require. 

There are also additional modules. Clients can purchase packages that suit their individual needs. For example, those with an emphasis on data delivery may choose to purchase a license to Power BI and our proprietary data visualiser tool, DataViewer. Other clients with a large roster of enterprise accounts may choose to purchase SSO licenses to ensure their research is seamlessly accessible for their corporate clients. 

As you experience growth, you can add more modules to your Content Catalyst license package that suit your growth areas.  

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