AI-powered search for analyst firms

Our investment in Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is unlocking opportunities for analyst research firms to drive efficiencies and create more value for customers of their research.

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Your AI Search Experts

We frequently hear from customers and other businesses who have tried and failed to develop AI in-house. We’re investing in AI so our clients can take advantage of the technology’s opportunities without the cost and time implications.

Drawing upon more than 20 years of deep industry knowledge and client relationships, we’re researching, developing, and training AI-powered tools to meet the specific needs of analyst research firms.

AI-enhanced personalisation

AI has the potential to facilitate personalised digital experiences on a whole new level.

While full end-to-end personalised experiences are potentially a long way off for all but the largest tech companies, traditional personalised experiences enhanced by AI are a realistic target for analyst firms.

We aim to deploy AI to enhance personalisation across the Content Catalyst platform, including on your customers’ homepage and within push messaging.

Extract immediate insight

Businesses need instant access to trusted critical insights that empower them to make swift, well-informed decisions in today’s fast-paced and competitive landscape.

Therefore, the ability to search vast data sets and surface insight from extensive knowledge libraries has never been more critical in analyst research.

We’re integrating natural language models into the Content Catalyst platform to improve workflow, speeding up the time it takes for insights professionals to find, assimilate, and share actionable research with stakeholders.

Intellectual Property protection

The research industry faces many challenges when it comes to integrating AI technologies.

We’re solving one of our clients’ biggest concerns, protecting their IP. Our platform safeguards already help prevent your valuable research from being accessed outside of a paid-for license.

It’s critical that AI also respect the boundaries of licensing, preventing your proprietary data and insight from becoming part of other language models.

Intellectual Property protection

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