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Driving Growth in Analyst Firms

Why technology investment is critical to retain and win market share

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The analyst research sector has entered a period of rapid digital transformation. Analyst firms that invest in digital transformation can unlock opportunities to scale, commercialise their content and take advantage of emerging technology such as AI.

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A comprehensive digital transformation has changed from a nice-to-have into an essential strategy for analyst firms to retain and win market share through improved insight delivery, personalisation, and operational efficiency over the coming decade.

Analyst firms facing the challenge of non-digitised or legacy systems can patch, build, or buy. In Driving Revenue Growth in Analyst Firms, we explore the four reasons why it’s time for analyst firms to evaluate digital platform partnerships and why buying a specialised system creates capacity for growth.


  1. Digital transformation is critical for analyst firms
  2. Technology and leadership enable innovation
  3. The scalability iceberg
  4. Non-negotiable UX
  5. Reduced implementation time
  6. Partnering to advance digital innovation


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Read the whitepaper to:

  • Learn how a modern, flexible infrastructure enables analyst firms to grow and respond to changing technology and customer needs.
  • Discover the scalability iceberg, and how a platform built with scalability from the beginning supports business growth and is more cost-effective in the long term.
  • Learn why technology developed specifically for the industry and with the user in mind enables best-in-class analyst and subscriber experiences.
  • Reduce implementation time and ensure industry-leading user and publisher experiences.

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