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Instant Access, Instant Results – how TGaS transformed engagement across their life science industry reports

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Using Content Catalyst’s Instant Access links, TGaS Advisors offers their member network frictionless access to the latest research, increasing user engagement and sales opportunities.

TGaS Advisors, a division of Trinity Life Sciences, is the leading benchmarking and advisory services firm for commercial organisations in the life sciences industry. With a roster of top 50, emerging and precommercial life sciences companies, TGaS provides robust comparative intelligence and collaborative network membership services. The team includes more than 60 experienced professionals, most with senior-level experience in the life sciences and related industries.
TGaS provides research and surveying advice through market analysis reports called ‘Landscape Studies’ and ‘VHows’– short-form content pieces that deliver critical insight through survey data.

TGaS Advisors compiles business-critical content covering key life sciences issues by aggregating data taken from surveys of their international member network of industry professionals. Members suggest ideas for studies to TGaS who then “build and create a short survey with clients,” explains Jill Campanella, Associate Product Manager of Executive Commercial Operations at TGaS.

The member network then anonymously partakes in the surveys for access to the results, known as VHows. It is a decidedly communal method of content creation and the firm’s former method of content delivery reflected this collective mindset.

Until recently, VHows were emailed to members by TGaS analysts as PDFs. This process was key for survey participants as they expected ungated access to the content they contributed to.

Despite the minimal barrier to end-users accessing VHows, TGaS discovered the limitations of PDF delivery meant that it was impossible to track content usage, and due to a login barrier, members were less likely to enter the Insights Portal which contains all of TGaS’ published member content.

The TGaS team wanted to monitor reader analytics but was reluctant to force members to log in to access the VHows, so continued to rely on email delivery. This resulted in a clunky reading experience for end-users and reduced engagement with the wider library of content.


The TGaS Insights Reports Platform Homepage

Unlocking the gate to expose the full breadth of content

This posed the challenge: how could TGaS implement a system capable of replicating the ungated access email delivery affords while also driving users to their Insights Portal? The solution lay in Content Catalyst’s Instant Access technology which, as Ms. Campanella and her team discovered, meant “there was no barrier to the portal anymore”. With a small amount of custom coding TGaS streamlined the distribution of instant access links which allows recipients “to hop over” the password.

Bypassing this initial log-in has created the frictionless VHow distribution experience that TGaS has been striving for; one where content usage is clear without sacrificing any accessibility and where TGaS’ industry expertise is demonstrated by giving users exposure to the portal.

As the central repository of TGaS’ research content, exposure to the Insights Portal is vital for maximising the client’s value. Sending standalone, siloed content out to members was not exhibiting their full breadth of research. “Now, clients are getting more value because not only are they getting a link to that VHow, but then they are in the portal and can easily log in to browse around, so it’s elevating the visibility of the TGaS Insights Portal and enhancing the value our clients get from that technology,” says Ms. Campanella.

Now, clients are getting more value because they are in the portal and can easily login to browse around, so it’s elevating the visibility of the TGaS Insights Portal and enhancing the value our clients get from that technology.

Jill Campanella Associate Product Manager of Executive Commercial Operation TGaS Advisors

Proactive membership building

Improved accessibility also led to increasing numbers of users in the portal itself. TGaS is proactively adding new users who are in the professional network but not active portal members. Ms. Campanella explains: “Previously our workflow didn’t identify people that weren’t portal users. We were just sending the VHows out and then we had the self-registration process, so there was a gap. Now we’re getting and building more of a user base in the portal which is helping more people get value from the membership.”

In addition to exposure to TGaS’ full content portfolio, added value comes in the form of the enhanced reading experience. Users now take advantage of powerful in-platform workflow tools and search, allowing them to find and re-purpose pertinent information quickly and easily – tools that are unavailable with standard PDF delivery.

Summarising TGaS’ experience with Instant Access technology, Ms. Campanella concludes: “it’s really a win-win for us – it’s good for our clients and it’s good for us.”

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Key benefits of TGaS’ use of Instant Access technology

  1. Improved content engagement due to the superior reading experience on the TGaS Insights Portal compared to standard PDF delivery.
  2. More members accessing the Insights Portal due to the improved accessibility of the VHows.
  3. Easier for members to discover the full breadth of TGaS content, which boosts client engagement.

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