The Vimeo integration transforming video delivery on the Content Catalyst platform

We spend a lot of time working with publishers of market analysis. That means we get to see first-hand how market analysis content is changing and the trends emerging across publishers’ content portfolios.

The exploding popularity of video content can’t be ignored.

That’s why we’ve built an integration with leading video hosting provider Vimeo, so our publishing partners can now deliver highly secure, insightful video content within textual reports and alongside data exhibits.

Previously, customers could upload video content to the Content Catalyst platform, but this was delivered as a simple iFrame. This meant video files had to sit separately from other content – video content could only be delivered to end-users as standalone products, so couldn’t support and embellish textual analysis, which is where its true value lies.

Now, publishers can seamlessly add summary videos, webinars, analyst commentary, and much more directly into research reports, which will help to diversify publishers’ content portfolios, enhance engagement levels, and unlock the value of their market analysis content.

Report-with-vimeo (1)

Additional benefits of this integration include:

  • Vimeo is a highly secure delivery method. You can lock files by domain and ensure high-value video links aren’t shared with unlicensed users or distributed on other video-sharing sites.
  • Video content is discoverable and actionable as it is compatible with in-platform workflow tools such as clippings and search.
  • End-users can now find the exact information they need across textual and data content and within video analysis.
  • Publish Interactive’s analytics system is also compatible with video files, meaning you can understand subscriber usage with comprehensive video analytics.
  • This development follows in the footsteps of our recent integration with data visualisation tool Power BI, which allows customers to deliver Power BI data exhibits within their reports as well as standalone Power BI-powered dashboards.

Power BI has been hugely popular with our customer base, so the development of further integrations was essential to ensure our customers’ content is ahead of the competition and at the forefront of market analysis content trends.

If you’d like to understand how this new capability can transform your content delivery, contact us.

You can also discover more ways to incorporate video content into your market analysis portfolio.

Note: Content Catalyst was formerly known as Publish Interactive.

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