Our story: More than two decades of innovation and customer success

Heritage and innovation in the analyst sector

We’re analysts and technologists dedicated to innovation and customer success. We began in 2003 as a small team bringing Daniel Lord’s vision to life to create a better analyst research experience.

Daniel had the idea for Content Catalyst while working as a Senior Market Research Analyst. Like other analysts, he manually created resources such as market models, conceptual diagrams, and exhibits. It occurred to him that his customers must also manually reformat research.

Daniel believed he could use technology to automate aspects of his job, reducing the manual burden on analysts and increasing the value of research. More than two decades later, we remain privately owned and have grown our team of expert analysts, technologists, and customer success managers.

Our unique Active Insight Approach drives us to keep evolving our products and services. A platform with a first-class publisher and subscriber experience with monetising potential. Alongside a team dedicated to proactively helping everyone use the platform to best advantage.

Content Catalyst is the first-choice technology partner for ambitious analyst research firms in diverse global industries like energy, electronics, life science, and technology. Discover who we’ve partnered with in Client Stories.

Daniel Lord, Founder

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Innovation milestones include

SlideViewer – build interactive PowerPoint presentations with data exhibit detection.

Power BI Visualiser – embed Power BI dashboards only accessible to licensed users.

Interactive Docs – turn Word files into interactive documents with table detection and data extraction capabilities.

Personalised Content Notifications – tailored updates for buyers of research.

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