Create, Discover and Share

Market Intelligence Retrieval

Content solutions for consultants and market analysts

Reference and reuse your company’s intellectual property trapped in old presentations and reports

Are your analysts missing vital insight or duplicating research?

“When our analysts start a new subject or analysis, their first point of call is to find out what is already available in-house.”

Search designed for professionals

Look within documents in any format to enable your researchers and analysts to search internal content and pinpoint what they need.

Deploy a single point of truth

Central online document storage solution for all your syndicated market reports, research and client presentations.

Protect valuable intellectual property

Secure file access to individual or team level. Share your valuable intellectual property residing in reports and presentations but keep it locked.

Designed around analyst workflow

Workflow tools

Automate your search-based workflow. No more searching, downloading, scrolling, copying or reformatting.