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Content Management

Clever content management for market intelligence publishers

The ultimate collaboration and search tool for market analyst & editorial teams

Our technology engine is a content management system with specialist search, collaboration and workflow tools designed for creators of market analysis.

“One of the big challenges of working in a firm is finding the right people, and the right information.

Improve your analyst workflow

Search your entire publication library

Make your content and data instantly discoverable to all team members and give secure access to research wherever they are working.

Reference & check published work

Save time by finding and reusing content from previous projects.

Check your company’s research to ensure market data aligns across projects and reduce the chance of contradictory viewpoints.

Identify your in-house expert

Overcome the difficulty of knowing which analyst covers a particular technology or market sector and what they have published.

Collaborate on content remotely

Find market analysis and share ideas

Help your analysts discuss market information and share findings. More important than ever now fewer people are collaborating in a physical office.

Empower your sales team

Close deals quicker by encouraging salespeople to self-serve answers to questions on content, with the ability to see and export the raw data behind charts.

Control access

Protect your investment in intellectual property by allowing ‘view only’ access to your valuable content.