Create, Discover and Share

Consulting & Analyst Firms

Research management solutions for consultants and market analysts

Reference and reuse your company’s intellectual property trapped in old presentations and reports

Management and strategy consultants use our knowledge management software to search across content assets.

“The information we find is easily exported into a format that can be used in our presentations”

Improve your consulting workflow

Search multiple reports

Bring functional filing systems to life, by reimagining them as library packed with vital project work.

Our search gives you the power to find relevancy across multiple files full of technical content and data.

Reference your work

Save time by finding and reusing content from previous projects.

Check your company’s research to ensure market data aligns across projects and reduce the chance of contradictory viewpoints.

PowerPoint optimised

Add interactivity to your PowerPoint deliverable with full text search and slide preview screens.

Our unique tools also allow users to quickly extract and download tables and data from PowerPoint presentations.

Collaborate confidentially

Ensure confidentiality

Use access management control to easily grant or revoke access to sensitive information on a per-file or project level.

Control access to your deliverables

Send final reports to clients with access rights for one or many recipients. Create project spaces for regular clients with an archive of deliverables so they can access all your work.

Capture feedback

Capture feedback from end-users of your research reports. Encourage clients to use intuitive tools to comment, clip and share from your deliverables.

Centralise content

Centralised storage solution for all your syndicated market reports, research and client presentation documents.

Lock down your IP

Secure access and share your intellectual property residing in reports and presentations.

Optimise your research

Data extraction and workflow tools ensure you get the maximum value from your research assets.