Create, Discover and Share

Conference Organisers

Audience engagement solutions that make presentations interactive

Create a library of presentations to deliver more value to delegates, speakers and sponsors

Expand and engage your audience and make your conference content live forever.

“Sponsors and speakers get an exciting new engagement channel, while delegates get to share presentation content with their team.”

Breathe life into old conference presentations

Search and store your presentations

Bring functional filing systems to life, by reimagining them as a library packed with vital project work.

Our search gives you the power to find relevancy across multiple files full of content and data.

License and sell

Easily set and protect access rights so only the licenced audiences can access content, and allow potential customers to purchase products in different ways.

View and respond to speaker submissions

Save time discussing findings by reviewing and giving feedback directly on the submitted presentation.

Share with your audience

Ask the speaker

Drive post-event engagement by allowing delegates to ask speakers questions.

Control access to your deliverables

Send final presentations to speakers with access rights for one or many recipients.

Create project spaces for regular speakers so they can access all their work.

Capture feedback

Capture feedback from viewers of your presentations. Encourage readers to use intuitive tools to comment, clip and share from your content.

Track engagement

Use analytics to help with speaker and topic selection by seeing which presentations engage delegates.

Help show value

Help attendees demonstrate conference value by providing tools to allow them create and share their own actionable insights.

Expand your audience

Deepen your relationships with sponsors and speakers, based on demonstrated attendee engagement.