Create, Discover and Share

Information Product Sales

Content management solutions that streamline sales workflow

Answer sales enquiries faster than competitors

Does your sales team struggle to find information that customers need?

“Our sales team can search the knowledge base and use it in client meetings to demonstrate the broad range of coverage not apparent purely using the document titles.”

Free teams to focus on sales

Our software means they don’t have to be subject-matter experts to answer customer enquiries.

Speed up search and discovery

Our system finds not just relevant report titles, but relevant sections, slides and data within particular reports

Empower remote working

Salespeople working from home or in different time zones can have 24/7 secure access to your knowledge database.

Enabled for self-serve information sales workflow

Track engagement

Account activity scores show how users are engaging with content, which helps with renewal discussions.

Flexible licensing

Allow account managers to grant secure customer access to information products.

Increase response speed

Help salespeople self-serve and answer detailed product questions. Remove dependency on analyst response times.